Best Business Class Airlines of 2017


There are few people who actually love flying, most often they dislike it, if not totally abhor it. Sitting for more than 10 hours in a rather cramped seat, being uncomfortable for the most part, it is not exactly an enticing experience. This refers to economy class travel of course, over 90% of the people travel economy – it might be bad, but it gets you from A to B at a reasonable price and at the end of the day that is what most people want; what’s a few uncomfortable hours given you can travel across the Atlantic and return for around 700 dollars (on a good deal). It is what it is, and we accept that.

However those who prefer to travel in style and comfort, and they have the money to do so, travel by business class. The difference between an economy class ticket and a business class one is enormous – do a quick web search if you do not believe us – and unless one gets a lucky upgrade (cheaper than the ticket), a regular customer is resigned to travel in the economy class. However one cannot help but wonder why is the mysterious business class so pricey? What possible differences could there be to justify such a price hike? Well in today’s age of information, all of us can easily figure out the luxuries that are available to the business traveler. Many sites offer you great deals on Business class tickets for your next travel.

Different airlines have different business classes, so not all of them are equal. We rank the airlines according to their business classes later on in this article.  However there are a few common features among all business classes that you can be sure of. First and foremost, there is more than a generous helping of legroom. Whereas in the economy class you hardly have enough to straighten your legs, in business class you can usually sleep as your chair reclines to a 180 degree angle. Think of the freedom. Second, the menu on offer is extensive and it tastes like proper food. There is a choice of drinks and meals are available whenever you want them. Entertainment is better than in economy class and there is complimentary internet available. The crew are extra attentive should you lack for anything. Business Class travelers enjoy benefits off the plan as well, from priority boarding to access to the Business Class Lounge with its myriad of facilities. In summary, business class is definitely worth the money.

So how do business classes of different airlines compare with each other? Well the answer lies with Skytrax – a UK based consultancy which runs an airline and airport review/ranking website. It conducts research and uses surveys taken from international travelers and cabin staff in order to rank the many airlines and airports scattered throughout the world. Without further ado, the following is the ranking of the World’s Best Airline Business Class:

1 Qatar Airways
2 ANA All Nippon Airways
3 Singapore Airlines
4 Etihad Airways
5 Lufthansa
6 Turkish Airlines
7 Garuda Indonesia
8 Cathay Pacific
9 Emirates
10 EVA Air
11 Japan Airlines
12 Hainan Airlines
13 Qantas Airways
14 Austrian
15 Virgin Australia
16 China Airlines
17 Air France
18 Swiss
19 Asiana Airlines
20 Oman Air


As a reminder if you’re wishing to travel business class, there are many websites which can give you great deals on Business class tickets for your next travel.


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