Challenge of Moving the Boat across the Country Safely


Moving a boat across the country is tough work but it is possible. The usual modes of transportation include rail, waterways, air, and road. When one has the time, it is possible to move the boat personally. But, when this is not possible one must use the services of the boat shipping company. The rules for shipping the boat are almost the same in all the states. The only thing you must worry about is the “wide load” rule.

Boatloads become wide loads

In the United Kingdom, any boat over nine-and-a-half feet will come under the “wide load” category. In the US, in a typical situation, you can move 12 feet wide boat that is less than 13½ feet through most of the states without running afoul of the law. When you exceed the 13½ feet limit, you need a pilot escort to travel by the boat carrier for the entire duration of the trip.

You can use the services of a Boat Shipping company with good experience in the trade. They know which states permit the movement of the boats and where they cannot move it. This is the easy way out and if you choose a boat transportation company with enough experience in shipping boats, then you are home safe.

Shipping different kinds of boats

You have many kinds of boats. The prominent ones are leisure yacht, racing super boats, power boats, sailboats, personal watercraft, and many others. A few people may want to move the boat parts alone. When you choose the carrier make sure they have a nationwide network so you can always find their depot at any place. This will solve your problems of handing over and collecting your vehicle.

Enter the website of the transportation company

You must first log into the logistics website of the transportation company. There you find the load board by entering the word “boat” into the search box. This brings you to the page that lists all the transportation companies they have working with them. They will tell you how much their cost is for moving the boat over one-mile distance.

The most popular way of moving the boat is by Boat Towing. Here you must have a vehicle with enough power to tow the boat over the entire distance. It costs about $4.18 per mile and you could travel for about 6 hours per day. So, if the travel time by road is 34 hours, you would need 6 days to move the boat to its new place. So, you will need 7 days to move your boat from California to Massachusetts. It will cost you $11,670. When you move using shipping agents, the cost will come down a lot and you will avoid the strain of sitting at the steering wheel for hours at a stretch.

A few things to note before you move your boat. You must empty all the water, fuel, and drainage before the travel begins. Also, remove the bridge, pulpit, arch, and tower as these will increase the height of the boat to more than 13½ feet.


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