Enjoy the world’s top attractions for less with a cycling holiday


In more recent years, with everyone’s budgets being hard pressed, holidays are becoming a luxury item that a variety of people can’t quite afford. Maybe that is the reason so many people are getting on their bikes or breaking out the boots…

The benefits of cycling and walking holidays

We all know we should exercise more and cycling holidays offer a great opportunity to do this, as it is a fabulous form of whole body workout that has other benefits too. When you cycle, even at a gentle pace, all the muscles in your body are engaged, which helps to strengthen them, your bones and your immune system. It is also very relaxing and doesn’t take a great deal of effort – whatever your age or level of fitness, you can find somewhere to cycle. Similarly, walking is a great form of “set your own pace” low impact exercise.

Immerse yourself in your chosen country
One of the best ways to see your chosen destination is to tour around it and what better way to do this than on a bike? Meandering along the road, taking in the sights and being able to stop and take pictures wherever you like (no need to worry about parking somewhere), being able to reach secluded picnic spots and stopping to speak to the odd local is a really great way of exploring not only the countryside, but the culture of the country.

It won’t break the bank

In a similar vein to walking holidays, booking a cycling holiday is often a lot cheaper than a driving touring holiday. This can open up some far more glamorous destinations than you otherwise might have been able to afford. The guesthouses or youth hostels you find en route tend to be cheaper than larger hotels and they usually have a lot more personality too. Many top destinations such as France, Spain, Australia and America can be best viewed behind handlebars in a variety of ways. You can choose to tour in a group on an organised itinerary, which often take your around the top attractions and sights of the area; you may prefer to take a self guided option so you can set your pace and venues as you please. Some operators will even transport your luggage from hotel to hotel if you find that not having to hire a car has allowed you more of a budget.

To sum up, if you can afford to take your family or yourself wherever you want to and not have to worry about the costs that is fantastic, but if you are watching the pennies or facing the prospect of not being able to take the kids anywhere this year, then perhaps waling or cycling is a good option for you to consider.


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