Here Are Some of the Most Popular Dress Varieties

Most Popular Dress Varieties

Dresses are an elegant clothing item. And the kind of panache they offer to the wearer is simply unmatched. But do you know there are hundreds of dress varieties available these days. Well yes! But not all of them are as popular as the ones dished out below. Check out the below-mentioned dress types and notice the difference among them-

  1. Bodycon dresses– Whether you buy women dresses online or offline, you can’t overlook the extra adorable bodycon dresses. These dresses are special for a reason- they hug the body completely. That means, starting from the bust area to the lower hem of the dress, it completely embraces you. Such well-fitting dresses are perfect for occasions where you need to look hot and uptown. Bodycon dresses can be worn by fat as well as lean women, but the only condition is that the shape of the body has to be curvaceous. Bodycon dresses accentuate curvaceous bodies just perfectly.
  1. A-line dresses– The reason why these dresses are called A line is that their gowns look like the alphabet A. So, these dresses kind of cling to the upper body and then extend outward as they move down. The speciality of this dress is that it offers the wearer a complete chick look. And no matter how tall or short you are, if you have a good upper body, you can slip into an A line dress. A line dresses are also one of the most common varieties of dresses. You can get them irrespective of whether you buy women dresses online or from some brick and mortar shop.
  2. Mermaid dresses– A mermaid dress is shaped like a mermaid. That means, it clings to your body until it reaches your shins and then suddenly flares out, giving your body the shape of a mermaid. Mermaid dresses look exotic, and they can be worn to all important occasions. You can also wear a mermaid dress on your own wedding day. Mermaid dresses add that much needed glam factor to a woman’s personality. So, if you are looking to look and feel rich, then a mermaid dress is what you need.
  3. Ball gowns– Now, ball gowns, as the name suggests, are gowns that are generally worn while dancing in a ball room. It has a well fitted torso, and then it suddenly swells and takes the form of something that resembles an umbrella. Well, it doesn’t look as awkward as it sounds in this description! Ball gowns have been a favourite choice of the royalty and nobility for ages. And these gowns are the dresses you see most fairies and princesses wear in fairy and princess movies.
  4. Empire dresses– Empire dresses cling to the body only around the bust area; below that, it is a flowing gown. Empire dresses, as the name suggests, used to be worn by queens and princesses. Hence, if you want to recreate that look, go for this dress.

Now, that you know about the popular varieties of dresses, there is no reason why you should feel lost in a dress shop. Thankfully, you can also pick a dress according to the body type you have.


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