Increase Your Business Revenue With “Only Profit-No Loss”


Every physician is aware of the fact that any ailment or disease can be cured more efficiently, safely and quickly by using physical therapy techniques together with medicines. However, not all physicians can afford the expenses required to hire professionals or staff and advanced machines to practice physical therapy in their clinic.

Are you a Physician who desires to treat your patients with the extremely beneficial and safe Physical therapy technique?Are you unable to treat your patients with physical therapy due to lack of resources and management?Being a physician, are you thinking of increasing your revenue?

If yes, then Finance RD are there to assist you. With the help of this established health care network, you can help your patients rehabilitate quickly, efficiently by taking assistance of one of the best physical therapist.

Finance RD has been started to provide an opportunity to all physicians and doctors to work in collaboration with ancillary service professionals for their patient’s benefits as well as making revenue for themselves.

Getting associated with this group is extremely advantageous and requires a very simple step to be followed. All you need to do is to send the demographics of your patients to them. Then they will analyze the report and schedule the appointment according to patients need. Moreover they will make the essential claims via electronic means. As it will help you check the progress of various reports from time to time. For this purpose, a Login ID and password will also get assigned to you.  In return, you will have to give them a percentage of collections for their assistance after getting payment from Insurance Company.

Finance RD are providing well renowned physical therapists that make sure that the patients get best possible physical therapy treatment to enable faster recovery. It benefits you without putting any extra burden on your office, office staff or payroll. Furthermore, there is no headache of fee splitting and stark laws at all.

This healthcare network provides assistance at both onsite and remote locations. Moreover in remote locations, you will always find medical directors and onsite physicians. It is neither a provider nor it takes payment from any private insurance firm. Finance RD helps you in increasing your business without costing you much.



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