Try Out These Edible Flowers in Your Cuisines for an Exotic Flavor

Try Out These Edible Flowers in Your Cuisines for an Exotic Flavor

The world of flowers is very beautiful and fascinating. There are millions of flowering plants that are found in various parts and climates of Earth. These charming flowers are used as gifts, decorative items, essential oils in perfumes and even as edible ingredients in cuisines. Yes, you hear it right, there are plenty of flowers which can be eaten by human beings and are used in different cuisines of the world. Take a quick look at these edible flowers as listed below:

Agastache  Anise Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) is also known as licorice mint. The young leaves, as well as the appealing purple flowers, have a mild licorice flavor. You can easily remove the purple flower tubes from the central structure of the flower and can use these flower arrangements Dubai in salads or other fancy drinks. It is also used in various restaurants in Dubai, France, Japan, China and several other countries.

Angelica- The flowering plant is a relative of the celery (Angelica archangelica) that comes with licorice-scented flowers that are present in large umbels. This edible flower is an interesting addition to salads and is loved for its strong aromatic leaves.

Apple- You need to choose the flowers from the trees that have not been sprayed with any insecticide or pesticide chemicals. These apple blossoms have an appealing but delicate flavor and scent that can go well with fresh fruits salads. However, be careful to use them in moderation as they contain very low levels of poisonous chemicals.

ArugulaThis cool-season plant also known as (Eruca vesicaria) has spicy leaves when it starts to bolt. Its small and spicy white or yellow flowers can add an unusual zing and taste to salads. Further, it is one of the popular edible arrangements for various restaurants in Dubai and other parts of the world.

Basil Most of the people use basil leaves or Ocimum basilicum much before the plant has fully flowered. However, the character of the leaves changes after blooming but its flowers can be easily eaten and added to various cuisines. The white to lavender flowers of this plant can be sprinkled over pasta and in countries like Thailand, the whole flower is edible in nature.

BegoniaBoth the varieties namely tuberous (Begonia x tuberhybrida) and wax (B. x semperflorens-cultorum) begonias consist of edible flowers that have slightly bitter to sharp citrus flavor. The tuberous begonia flowers contain oxalic acid that need to be avoided by people suffering from kidney stones, gout or rheumatism.

So, it is time to utilize these extraordinary flower arrangements in various cuisines of the multiple cities or countries such as China, Thailand, Japan, Italy, Dubai and other places. Enjoy your favorite regional dishes with a difference through the unique flavors of these flowering plants.


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